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Buying Air Filter for HVAC System

We offer a wide range of filters to suit almost every application.

  • Pre-Filtration
  • Class G1-G5 (EN779:2002). These include air filters such as paint arrester media, filter media pads, beverage board pleated panel filters and deep bed filters.

  • Medium Filtration
  • Class F5-F9 (EN779:2002). Thes include products such as beverage board pleated panel filters, deep bed filters (both synthetic and glass fibre) and mini pleated filters in synthetic and mircoglass media.

  • Fine or High Efficiency Filtration
  • Class H10 –H14 (EN1822). These include a variety of HEPA filters with a diverse range of framing options.

  • Carbon & Chemical filters
  • Includes a comprehensive range of carbon and molecular filtration products to combat odour, corrosive & toxic gases and other gaseous pollutants.