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Kitchen Exhaust Purification System

Looking for a reputed and reliable supplier of kitchen exhaust purification system in Newcastle and Wollongong? Power Up Enterprises is here to help.
Accumulation of grease and other indoor pollutants affects the cooking environment of a commercial or residential kitchen. Untreated fat, oil and grease (FOG) discharge in commercial kitchens can lead to serious health hazards.
At Power Up Enterprises, we offer a high-quality and technologically advanced smoke exhaust and fume purification system. The technologically advanced kitchen exhaust purification system helps to keep your kitchen and the surrounding areas healthier and cleaner. The tried and tested product is technologically geared to trap airborne grease, reduce cooking odours and smoke, and has an air purification efficiency rate of 99.9%.
Want to buy the highly effective and supremely engineered kitchen exhaust purification system in Newcastle and Wollongong? Contact us today. Call us at 0406756292.

Air Filters (HVAC)

Power Up Enterprises offers best in class clean air filters solutions that ensure cleaner air. We offer a wide variety of air filtration products produced by top manufacturers in order to provide filters that are most suitable for the given applications. We specialize in applications like pollution control, clean rooms, and general HVAC.

Use our air filters and see the difference for yourself!

Shepherd Filters

Get an effective grease management system for your kitchen exhaust with shepherd Filters. Shepherd Filters work better than traditional baffle and honeycomb designs, trapping up to 98 percent of airborne grease before it reaches the exhaust system of your kitchen. They minimize the requirement for expensive filters and kitchen duct cleaning.

Shepherd Filters offer sustainable wool filters that are fire retardant; to trap grease prior to it entering the hood filters, lowering the risk of fire. With Shepherd Filters, your savings will be more as compared to that with most honeycomb and baffle grease filters as your cleaning costs would be lower.

Power Up Enterprises offers superior quality shepherd Filters for your kitchen that would keep your kitchen cleaner and reduce the risk of fire.

UV Solutionz

A specialized product using the latest ultra-violet (UVC) technology to provide clean air and surfaces in HVAC systems, manufacturing, packing, pharmaceutical, medical and hospitality industries. The non-chemical product is the modern way of non-residual microbial control. It completely destroys the DNA of organic contaminants both in the air as well as on surfaces. UV Solutionz High Energy lamps are most effective in industrial processing units using fast circulating air.