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Duct / Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Need to hire professionals for duct or kitchen hood cleaning in Newcastle and Wollongong? Don’t look further than Power Up Enterprises.
We have a vast wealth of experience in providing the most comprehensive, cost-efficient and highly effective duct or kitchen hood cleaning service to both commercial and residential establishments.
Cleaning your kitchen exhaust system at regular intervals will ensure a germ-free and safe environment for cooking. A well maintained and properly cleaned kitchen hood will ensure a cooking environment that is cleaner, safer and more productive for the staff of your commercial kitchens or restaurants.
At Power Up Enterprises, we provide a comprehensive duct or kitchen hood cleaning service. We effectively clean everything – from the hood to the fan on the roof. We pay special attention to every minute detail and properly wash the fans, hoods, grease cups, filters, access panels, pipes, nozzles and fire suppression links. Our team makes sure the entire ductwork and components of the exhaust system is meticulously cleaned for fire prevention.
The benefits of hiring our duct or kitchen hood cleaning in Newcastle and Wollongong includes total removal of smoke and odour, better ventilation, compliance with local and national fire and health codes, lower energy bills, safer working environment for your kitchen staff and better health standards.
Our fully trained, insured and experienced team of kitchen hood cleaners use high-end equipment, latest tools, best cleaning techniques and high safety standards to deliver the best possible results on time and within your budget.
Want to know more about our services? Contact us today. Call us at 0406756292.